Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Weekly Hare Report from M. Catherine Newcomb

On Thursday the 25th, the morning after the Great Storm, we put the ears on the hare. With the help and daring of Rex and John it was accomplished in about an hour.  The hare itself has been growing well and ears and tail will need a bit to catch up.

I visited the hare on the next day and did quite a bit of clipping/ pruning as well as  planting a bit of seed on his crown which had been disrupted by the ear operations - and around the face where he was looking sparse.

John and Rex are triumphant at the end of it. Judy took off the bottles and took some extra photos of the hare growing into itself nicely (last three photos).

All photos are by Judy Welsh except for the moment of triumph taken by me.

Post by Mary Catherine Newcomb