Thursday, September 1, 2011

Miner for a Heart

catalogue: Miner for a Heart by Yael Brotman
Penelope Stewart : La Grande Ruche

Libby Hague: My one and only life so far (detail)
Yael Brotman: Teachers House (detail)

The exhibition, Miner for a Heart, brings together ten print-based artists whose work and histories have intertwined with the print community at Open Studio in Toronto, Canada. The ten artists are Nadine Bariteau, Yael Brotman, Janet Cardiff, Libby Hague, Christopher Hutsul, Ed Pien, Richard Sewell, Penelope Stewart, Ho Tam and Jeannie Thib. Their places of origin vary from international (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Israel and USA), to national (British Columbia and Quebec), to provincial (North Bay and Brussels, ON). All of the artists who relocated to Toronto mirrored the immigrant narrative that was being enacted on the broader societal stage. The artists, then, all have dual allegiances, a common element in the diasporic experience. Perhaps this has freed them to experiment with cross-disciplinarity in their practices. They move fluidly from flatwork to sculpture to video to installation and back to printmaking, exploring print’s concern with support material, matrices, repetition, mark making and the impact of technology.

curated by Yael Brotman,
catalogue essay by Yael Brotman

the exhibition is at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
opening September 27.