Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Opening on Nuit Blanche! Kelly Cade and Sheryl Dudley at Loop Gallery

September 29th – October 21st, 2012
Reception: Saturday, September 29th, 7–10 PM

loop Gallery is pleased to announce exhibitions by loop members Kelly Cade entitled My My, There There, and Sheryl Dudley, Skirting Damocles. 

My My, There There echoes our relationship with the worlds we inhabit – the natural phenomenal world and the manufactured world we create. As the world bends, fragments, pixelates, becoming more and more a place where we are drawn away from ourselves, Cade looks to the natural world and its resilience and readiness to push its way through, to regenerate, rebalance and calmly assert itself in the midst of all we’re creating. This work is an interpretation of that assertion, an optimistic take on the intertwining of these disparate worlds.

Cade is a Toronto based artist and graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design who has exhibited in both solo and group shows. Her work can be found in private and public collections throughout Canada, the United States and the U.K.

Skirting Damocles presents a suite of oil paintings on aluminum that position majestic ice giants within the technology for tracking and charting the arctic waters for safer passage. Revisiting images taken during an arctic expedition more than 5 years ago, Dudley paints isolated glacial masses onto discarded circuit board sheets, transforming the weathered metal into a dynamic surface that is at once a field and a void. The oil paintings are shown alongside a collection of intimate watercolours which cast an ironic gaze on arctic tourism.

Dudley’s paintings and photographs have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States and Canada. Her work can be found in many private collections on both sides of the border.

Images: Kelly Cade, My My, There There, mixed media, 2012; Sheryl Dudley, Skirting Damocles, oil on aluminum, 2012. 


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Q&A + Canadian Art Gallery Hop Tour on Saturday, September 22

loop Gallery is delighted to announce that we have been included on the Canadian Art 2012 Gallery Hop's tour of Dundas West galleries alongside Art Metropole, Cooper Cole, Jessica Brandley Inc, LE Gallery, and MKG 127

Join us on the weekend of Saturday, September 22 for the last remaining days of our two current exhibitions and a Q&A panel for Plus 2 by Linda Heffernan and False Fractions and Relations by Ester Pugliese. The Q&A will be from 3PM, followed by the Gallery Hop at 4:05PM. 

In the meantime, here are some pictures from the shows' opening reception. If the photos appear too small, click to enlarge! 

Linda Heffernan and friend

Ester Pugliese speaks to visitors

Photos by Patricia Njovu

Monday, September 17, 2012

out of the loop (for a while): Scotland View

At the recent Edinburgh Art Festival, I took a tour with Anthony Schrag who was commissioned as Tourist in Residence for the Festival. His series of participatory tours invited participants to engage with the city in different ways. This particular tour was called A Guide to Being a Tourist in Edinburgh.
One part of the tour involved walking along Princes Street Garden, a very busy area of Edinburgh, very SLOWLY, then STOPPING suddenly for no apparent reason, then POINTING to something. It also included going to the top of the Scott Monument, then stepping out blindfolded, at the top, to have the view described. Later, we were able to look at the view, through a mirror.

Another section of his tour involved a 4 and a half minute tour of the Talbot Rice Gallery. We walked through exhibits of contemporary work and the historical collection glancing briefly at the artworks while Anthony gave us an animated and fast audio tour. It was brilliant and hilarious while considering how, as tourists, we strive to see it all, do it all. 

While living in Edinburgh for the year, I have been 'doing' galleries and the city, but have also been going on hiking excursions out of the city with a walking group. My latest walk was a Munro in the Trossachs area. (A Munro is a mountain in Scotland with a height over 3,000 feet. There are people known as 'Munro baggers' whose aim is to climb all the Munros; there are 282 Munros in Scotland, and 227 further subsidiary tops.) 

One of the things I love about the Scottish landscape is the sheep dotting the hills. They seem to eat incessantly. I like their watchful presence. They remind me not to 'do' it all.

Photos by Sandra Gregson

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In the Loop: Yael Brotman and Gareth Bate

What have our talented members been up to lately?

Yael Brotman in Genius Loci at the Art Gallery of Mississauga
Yael Brotman, whose last show at loop featured beautifully constructed paper caravans, will have works exhibited in Genius Loci, an R. Stuart Keeler curated show at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. The exhibition brings together established and emerging Canadian artists, including Nuit Blanche stand out Jon Sasaki, to explore works from noted collections of Canadian Art – The McMichael Canadian Art Collection, The Tom Thomson Gallery and The Art Gallery of Mississauga Permanent Collection. Genius Loci opens Thursday, September 13 and runs until Thursday, November 4. 

Gareth Bate interviewed on Studio Beat
Gareth Bate talks about 401 Richmond and 'How to Get Fit as an Artist' while working on Jewel Net of Indra, a series of mirror drawings. Read the interview on Studio Beat.

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