Saturday, April 16, 2016

Do Not Miss New Work by loop Artists Carolyn Dinsmore and Sung Ja Kim-Chisholm

Carolyn Dinsmore
Surface – A Collection, part 2

April 23rd – May 15th 2016
Reception: Saturday, April 23rd, 2-5PM

loop Gallery is pleased to announce Surface - A Collection, part 2, a new exhibition by Carolyn Dinsmore
Carolyn Dinsmore’s paintings of roads and rocks are cropped landscapes (urban and rural) that zoom in and focus on surface pattern and texture. Collecting photos, litter, stones, etc. during everyday travels through familiar surroundings help in reconstructing images - evidence of everyday use and natural erosion. Weathered layers express the opposing dynamic of building up and wearing away. 
The composite, quilt-like paintings are inspired by African cloths (made by the people of the Congolese Kuba tribe) on which were appliquéd motifs representing an interpretation of  their physical surroundings. The cloths, made up of panels sewn together, are wrapped around the body and worn as ceremonial dance skirts. New appliqués were added as patches to mend worn out areas. 
Carolyn studied art history at Queen’s University and the University of Toronto and taught art at the high school level. She left teaching to open a shop that specialized in decorative textiles from India, Africa, and Indonesia. For the first incarnation of the shop, Carolyn made her own hand- woven textiles – wall hangings, rugs and cushions. After retiring from the retail business, she got back into her art practice by attending the adult art program at Central Technical School. The resulting paintings seem to be a sub-conscious response to texture and pattern, coming from a close connection with textiles for so many years - chunks of rock and road from the surrounding landscape like swatches cut from bolts of fabric. 

Image: Street Life 8, mixed-media on wood, 48"x 30", 2016
loop Thanks : AUDAXlaw

Sung Ja Kim-Chisholm
Pages from Life’s Journey

April 23rd – May 15th 2016
Reception: Saturday, April 23rd, 2-5PM

loop Gallery is pleased to announce Pages from Life’s Journey, a new exhibition by Sung Ja Kim-Chisholm. 

The pieces that comprise Kim-Chisholm's latest exhibition symbolically communicate the vital significance of the pages that make up the books of our lives.  Our memories, experiences, hopes, joys and disappointments are each symbolized by a page or a coil in the unfolding of our individual life journeys.
The works are made with white fabric saturated with white plaster.  The fabric symbolizes how our memories and experiences are tightly woven together within the events of each of our lives, while the central importance of the colour white, through its reflection of most of the wavelengths of visible light symbolizes how our memories, experiences, hopes, joys and disappointments are reflected in our lives.
Kim-Chisholm is a Toronto artist and art educator, who has been a longstanding member of Loop.  She has participated in many group and solo exhibitions in both South Korea and Canada and has also been retained for many private commissions in both Asia and in North America.  She graduated from Chu-Gye University for the Arts in Korea and the Ontario College of Art & Design University.  Her work can be found in numerous private collections.  
Image: Pages from Life’s Journey, mixed-media, 2014
loop Thanks : AUDAXlaw