Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Progress Report on The Great Hare

Artist and loop member Mary Catherine Newcomb has been creating a fifteen foot long reclining hare with a pelt made of turf in the Cambridge Sculpture Garden. This land art installation is part of the Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener + Area that begins this week on Friday, September 16, 2011.

This is Mary Catherine Newcomb's final report before the CAFKA opening this Friday.

The hare continues to grow in a satisfactory way with a few exceptions:  The fur has grown to an extent (in most places) that I have been able to take it into shape a bit.   It is also thick and bunchy (in most places) so that in this last week, I will be able to compress, comb and cut into better shape.

The ears are still looking "stuck on"  and the tips brown. In addition to this one ear has a great brown blotch. I decided to seed and hope for the best, slightly repositioning the sprinklers for optimum ear coverage.   The toe ends tend to be a bit brown as well, but I think I will be able to comb them over. I decided at the time that replacing part of the ear turf and devising a better ear irrigation system would be a good idea. I had been planning to cut the small grass bits in my back yard last week - but ran out of time - good luck as some of it is quite long and may be of some help here.  Now that the weather has turned cooler,  growth will be slow.  This week, I will replace some turf and also devise eyes and work on details (this will probably entail digging up much of my back yard - purchased turf is just not long enough.)  It will be a long week.  

 The Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener + Area runs until October 2, 2011. This year's theme SURVIVE:RESIST.