Monday, August 10, 2015

Don't Miss New Works by loop Gallery Artists' Barbara Rehus & Rochelle Rubenstein

Barbara Rehus
But what’s its value?

August 15th September 6th 2015 
Reception: Sunday, September 6th, 2-5PM 

loop Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition by member-artist Barbara Rehus entitled But what's its value?

With this exhibit, Rehus introduces new work in her ongoing puppet series, which originated with a serendipitous find of old puppet head molds. From the beginning, these characters revisited familiar themes of previous work: nurturance and familial relationships, misogyny and fear of loss. Early puppets were largely inanimate, but now several have avoided placement on walls or shelves and are instead suspended. They gently sway or turn as the air moves and seem pleased with that bit of freedom.

Something else is new: after helping her mother part with most of her belongings in preparation for a dramatic move, Rehus became acutely aware that, like her mother, she has collected a huge amount of stuff/treasures which will one day have to be painfully sorted and purged. She decided that from now on, if at all possible, material for new work must come from supplies already on hand. This decision adds to the dialogue inherent to any particular piece the question of what is the value of all this stuff, these treasured things, things we cannot bear to part with, but eventually must discard.

Rehus is a Toronto-based visual artist, working primarily as a mixed-media sculptor and painter. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in public institutions, artist-run centres and commercial galleries throughout Canada, the UK, The Netherlands, Australia, and the United States, and is included in numerous private collections.
Don't miss a concurrent installation with Rochelle Rubinstein at the Mon Ton Window Gallery.

Image: These cost a lot, Cast rubber, old costume jewelry, wooden box lid, acrylic paint, 2014 

Rochelle Rubinstein
Pochi Bukuro

August 15 –September 6, 2015
Reception: Sunday, September 6, 2-5PM

loop Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition by Rochelle Rubinstein entitled Pochi Bukuro.

Pochi Bukuro is a two-part exhibition that explores loss and gratitude. The first part of the show is a towering, block-printed and carved work on wood called Kanada. Named after a site where the artist’s mother worked while imprisoned during the Holocaust, Kanada is comprised partially of abstracted aerial views of Auschwitz.

The second piece of the exhibition is inspired by decorative Japanese gratuity envelopes called Pochi Bukuro. Rubinstein has made two hundred block-printed, painted and embroidered fabric pouches, in some cases printed from the same blocks that were used for Kanada. Impressed upon surfaces like silk, cotton, and wool, these works are a light and celebratory counterpoint to the literal and conceptual weight of Kanada.

In the weeks prior to the exhibition, both bodies of work were unexpectedly transformed during a fire in the artist’s studio building. By changing the smell and colour of the works, the fire revealed the intrinsic fragility of Pochi Bukuro. This unforeseen incident narrowed the gap between Rubinstein’s two bodies of work, forcing a deeper consideration of what it means to give and to take.

Rochelle Rubinstein is a printmaker, painter, fabric and book artist. She is also a community arts facilitator and curator of exhibitions at Mon Ton Window Gallery in downtown Toronto.

Check out a concurrent installation with Barbara Rehus at the Mon Ton Window Gallery.

Image: (detail) Pochi Bukuro, block printed, painted, and embroidered fabric pouches, 2015

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Last Opportuniy to see JJ Lee and Robyn Thomas's Work a loop Gallery!

Do not miss out on your last opportunity to view JJ Lee's Chinoiserie and  Robyn Thomas' Paper Works, the show ends on Sunday, August 9, 2015!

JJ Lee                          Hummingbird,                        mixed media on canvas,                                           20” diameter, 2015

Robyn Thomas                                             (Detail) Dictionary,                                 59" x 51 1/2" x 5",                                     2015