Monday, October 7, 2013

New Exhibitions by loop Gallery Members Tara Cooper:'Supercell' and Suzanne Nacha: 'Outliers'

October 12th – November 3rd, 2013 | Reception: Saturday, October 12th, 2013, 2-5PM
Q & A moderated by Stephanie D’Amico Saturday, November 2nd, 2PM

Tara Cooper

October 12th – November 3rd, 2013
Reception:  Saturday, October 12th, 2- 5 PM
Q & A: Saturday, November 2nd, 2pm

loop Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition by loop member, Tara Cooper, entitled Supercell. 

Supercell addresses the current condition and impact of severe weather occurring each spring in North America. Research included two storm-chasing expeditions, May 2012 and June 2013. Focusing on the great plains of the United States, the expedition covered more than 6000 kilometers in search of supercells. Best known for producing severe meteorological outcomes such as hail, tornadoes and torrential rainfall, supercells are cumulonimbus storm clouds that rotate due to strong updrafts. It is a project that combines scientific fact and data with the visual poetics of a storm cloud. Supercell is part of Cooper’s on-going series entitled Weather Girl.

Weather Girl’s Top Storm-Chasing Surprise:
A series of dents and divets marking cars from Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado or Texas most likely means that the car and possibly its driver were caught in a hailstorm.

Supercell led Cooper to a residency with the Wassaic Project in New York, August 2013. It also received financial support through the Lois Claxton Humanities and Social Sciences Award. Cooper completed her MFA at Cornell University, specializing in the disciplines of print, short film and installation. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo.

Learn more about Tara Cooper’s work during a Q & A session with Suzanne Nacha and moderator, Stephanie D’Amico, on Saturday, November 2nd at 2PM.

Suzanne Nacha
October 12th – November 3rd, 2013
Reception:  Saturday, October 12th, 2- 5 PM
Q & A with Tara Cooper, moderated by Stephanie D’Amico: Saturday, November 2nd, 2PM   

 loop Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition by loop member, Suzanne Nacha, entitled Outliers. 

A narrative that takes place at the fringes of abandoned territories plays out in the exhibition entitled Outliers. Anthropomorphism of industrial structures and colour-filled abstracted passages are filtered through the medium of stop-motion animation in the exhibition’s central video piece. In this odd and unsettled narrative - we look on as machine-like assemblages endlessly grind away in an otherwise desolate landscape.

For the past decade, Suzanne Nacha has been creating art that attempts to make sense of the earth: everything on it, inside it and around it. Employing humour and gravity in equal measure her work seeks to highlight the inter-tangled relationship between landscape and its (often implied) occupants.  With this new exhibition featuring stop-motion animation, works on paper and sculpture, Nacha charts an oblique narrative 

Images: (left) Tara Cooper, Supercell, video still, 2013 | (right) Suzanne Nacha, Outliers, video still, 2013

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Libby Hague presents "Monster Child" TONIGHT at Nuit Blanche

As part of the 2013 edition of ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche, Libby Hague will present Monster Child, an installation of larger-than-life, interactive inflatables at University and College. Check out this incredible concept sketch - and get ready to have your mind blown by the real thing tonight!

Learn more here:

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Last Chance to see current show at loop

Lanny Shereck, Howard in the Studio, oil on canvas, 12" x 12", 2013
David Holt, Wigs, 15" x 14", acrylic on canvas, 2013
Don't miss the Nuit Blanche Q & A with both artists THIS SATURDAY October 5th @ 7pm. Studio Practice and Teaching Practice will be moderated by Vesna Krstich and will explore relationships between the artists' studio work and teaching. 

Thurs, October 3, 12-5pm.
Fri, October 4, 12-5pm.
Sat, October 5, 12-5pm, Q&A at 7pm.
Sun, October 6, 1-4pm.

Holt’s paintings in his fourth show at loop continue to be inspired by museum displays, historical archives, catalogs, and encyclopedias that invite multiple side by side visual comparisons within groups of art works, artifacts, archeological fragments, nature specimens, and other examples of natural and human history.
Holt has exhibited extensively and has taught for many years in the US, where he chaired the art department at Marymount College (later of Fordham University) in Tarrytown, New York. Since 2005 he has lived and worked in Toronto, teaching art at Upper Canada College.

Shereck's STUDIO VISITS is an ongoing series of large and small oil paintings representing artists at work in their studios. Engaging a longstanding tradition of painting artists at work, Shereck offers a voyeuristic glimpse of the aesthetic sensibilities of painters, sculptors, and writers as defined by their relationship to a personal creative space.
Shereck is a Toronto-based artist and educator who has exhibited across North America. He has been a member of loop Gallery for 6 years and is represented by The Fran Hill Gallery in Toronto. His work has been placed in public and private collections all over Canada.

Vesna Krstich is a Toronto-based art critic and curator whose research explores the interrelationship between art and experimental pedagogy from the 1960s onwards. Her essays and reviews have been published in ArtPapers, Parachute, C Magazine, Canadian Art, and Curator: The Museum Journal, among others.

Illustrated History and STUDIO VISITS close this Sunday, October 6.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Don't Miss loop Artist Gareth Bate's Nuit Blanche Installation along with Artists Karen Abel and Jessica Marion Barr

 View location map here
 Presented by Scotiabank Nuit Blanche + 401 Richmond Practice Practice – Built for ART
Birds, bats, bees. Indicator species signal the deteriorated state of ecosystems, warning us when our environs are in trouble. Three elegiac installations investigate the concept of biological indicators and the suffering of wildlife due to habitat destruction, climate change, and environmental contamination. A rain cloud of bird bones and a chandelier inhabited by crystalline cast-sugar bats float in the gallery space, encircled by a ghostly amphitheatre-like wall mural of the ancient Roman Coliseum hand drawn with liquid honey. A sound installation layering the calls and sounds of these animals pervades the ecological arena. Visitors will be embedded and implicated in the disastrous results of the global incursion of human ‘empire’, as manifested in our ailing ‘indicator’ species.
About the Artists
Indicator is a collaborative project conceived by Jessica Marion Barr with fellow Toronto artists, Gareth Bate and Karen Abel. Sharing interests in ecological issues and unusual materials, they are interrelating three works that resonate concerns about species decline. The approach is intentionally DIY, with the artists transforming a studio space in the basement of one of Toronto’s most vibrant cultural landmarks into a sub-landscape inhabited by site-specific ecological installations.

Gareth Bate Art Projects: Studio S-17 (Lower Level)
401 Richmond Street WestToronto ON
Exhibition Hours: Thurs to Sat 12-6
Show Runs: Oct. 5 - 19, 2013.
Open Wednesdays by chance or appointment

Augury : Elegy (detail), Jessica Marion Barr (2011)

                                                                     Colony Collapse, Gareth Bate (2008)

Header Images L-R:

Augury : Elegy, Jessica Marion Barr (2011)

Hibernaculum, Karen Abel (2012)

Colony Collapse, Gareth Bate (2008)

PHONE: 416-884-8067 (Cell), 416-530-0057 (Home)

STUDIO: Gareth Bate Art Projects
Studio S17, 401 Richmond St. W., Toronto, M5V 3A8
(Basement Orange Section)