Sunday, July 6, 2014

slide show latest images

Our last evening slide show - freezing but redeemed by some keen visitors who after 2 hours asked, What time do you open tomorrow?
Judith Lermer Crawley
meanwhile indoors - Mark Adair's light table glowed
Alyssa Beth Engel
Catherine Carmichael 

Mark Adair
Catherine Daigle
Lanny Shereck
Linda Heffernan
Linda Heffernan
 Barbara Rehus
 Sally Ayre

Dawna Rose
Dawna Rose
 Sheryl Dudley
Jane Low-Beer and Susan Low-Beer
Jane Low-Beer and Susan Low-Beer
 Yael Brotman
and finally one more Yael Brotman
It was great to see everyone's work. Thank you all for participating.