Monday, October 29, 2012


This week the Oakville exhibitions of the 2012 World of Threads Festival begin!
The show features 5 shows curated by loop member Gareth Bate, and work by Rochelle Rubinstein, Yael Brotman, Libby Hague and Barbara Rehus. For details see 

Monday, October 22, 2012



Reception: Saturday, October 27, 2-5pm

Gary Clement Oblivion, etc. | Candida Girling: Simply Breathing
Gary Clement, 'Oblivion' (2012).
Candida Girling Loop Simply Breathing
Candida Girling, 'Simply Breathing' (2012).
Using ink, gouache, and collage, Oblivion, etc. chronicles Gary Clement’s abiding interest in the natural world, science, mortality, farm animals, mythology, the unnatural world, sexuality, automobiles, track and field, contemporary poetry and mid 20th century interior decorating, among other things. He continues to draw inspiration from Saul Steinberg, John Berryman, Mad Magazine and Eleventh to Thirteenth Dynasty hieroglyphics.
Clement is the political cartoonist for the National Post. His cartoons have appeared in the New York Times, The Guardian and TIME. As a freelance illustrator, his work has appeared in publications around the world. He is also a children’s writer/illustrator whose many awards include the 1999 Governor General’s Award for Illustration for his book “The Great Poochini”. This is his 8th show atloop. He is represented in Toronto by loop Gallery as well as Parts Gallery.
Simply Breathing follows on the heels of "Marcovaldo's Bench", an interactive multi-media installation by visual artist Candida Girling and composer Aaron Davis for Nuit Blanche 2011. Their benches are portals and peepholes from the urban grind to a verdant oasis that may or may not still exist, but endures in the mind of the beholder, as we live and breathe.
Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Girling studied art and industrial design in Denmark, Scotland and Toronto, where she now lives and works. She teaches at OCADU and is a founding member ofloop Gallery. Girling’s work can be found in collections in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.
Aaron Davis is a composer, musician, and founding member of the Holly Cole Trio as well as the world-beat band, Manteca. He has collaborated with numerous artists including Measha Breuggergosman, Molly Johnson, and Mary Margaret O’Hara. Davis has recorded and toured around the world for over 25 years.

Learn more about Gary Clement's and Candida Girling's works on Saturday, November 17 @ 3PM during a Q&A Session moderated Cary Fagan!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last day, SUNDAY October 21

Kelly Cade: My My, There There | Sheryl Dudley: Skirting Damocles
Kelly Cade, 'My My, There There' (2012).
sheryl (1)
Sheryl Dudley, 'Skirting Damocles' (2012).
My My, There There echoes our relationship with the worlds we inhabit – the natural phenomenal world and the manufactured world we create. As the world bends, fragments, pixelates, becoming more and more a place where we are drawn away from ourselves, Kelly Cade looks to the natural world and its resilience and readiness to push its way through, to regenerate, rebalance and calmly assert itself in the midst of all we’re creating.
Skirting Damocles presents a suite of oil paintings on aluminum that position majestic ice giants within the technology for tracking and charting the arctic waters for safer passage. Revisiting images taken during an arctic expedition more than 5 years ago, Sheryl Dudley paints isolated glacial masses onto discarded circuit board sheets. The works on aluminum are shown alongside a collection of intimate watercolours which cast an ironic gaze on arctic tourism.

Sat, Oct 20, 12-5pm and Sun, Oct 21, 1-4pm.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nuit Blanche, an opening: Kelly Cade's MY MY, THERE THERE and Sheryl Dudley's SKIRTING DAMOCLES

We can hardly believe that Nuit Blanche has already come and gone! If you got a chance to visit loop that evening, we hope you had a fantastic time as Kelly Cade's and Sheryl Dudley's shows looked especially striking. If you missed it, the exhibitions run until Sunday, October 21. 

Kelly Cade and friends
Sheryl Dudley and friends

More reception images are up on our Facebook group.

Friday, October 5, 2012

RE: ARRANGE @ Harbourfront Centre

Loop members John Abrams and Elizabeth D'Agostino are part of the York Quay - Harbourfront Centre's RE: ARRANGE exhibition. The show is on display until December 23, 2012. 


Michael Abraham, John Abrams, Elizabeth D’Agostino, Vanessa Maltese, Lorna Mills, Luke Painter, Craig Porter, David Trautrimas

Curated by Patrick Macaulay

The title of this exhibition is Re: Arrange but it could have also been called Re: Purpose or Re: Think or even Re: Start, as all of these descriptors aptly portray the creative process of the artist in their studio. Artists spend a lot of time playing around. Not “playing,” playing, but being creatively playful. Trying new materials, switching things up, moving things around, all in search of inspiration and resolve in the artistic process. What happens when something is removed or added could be the answer to making something work. The artistic process is all about experimentation; trying new approaches. This exhibition brings eight artists together who are playful in their artistic practice.

– Patrick Macaulay

Images and artist profiles can be found here