Friday, July 15, 2011

Lyla Rye: Swing Stage at Olga Korper Gallery

Lyla Rye is introduced by Lori Starr of the Koffler Centre
Lyla Rye, my friend and mentor, spoke last night at the opening of her installation Swing Stage at the Olga Korper Gallery. An off-site presentation by the Koffler Gallery, Lyla drew on her background in architecture to create this work. Challenging herself to come up with 100 ideas in a two day brain-storming session, she took inspiration from the structural elements of the space and the history of the building itself.
Lyla talks about her work with an admiring fan at her fee
The platform on which Lyla is standing in the picture can support up to ten people and gently swings when walked upon. There is also a five minute video loop (not seen in the photo) which is projected onto a circular panel that mirrors the round window in the structure. The video  includes archival photos, Google maps and clips filmed from the rooftop of the building adding a dynamic component to this  playful installation.

Lyla Rye: Swing Stage runs at the Olga Korper Gallery until August 20, 2011.