Monday, July 25, 2011

Loopers in the news

Here are some loopers who have made the news recently:

Sandra Gregson
Sandra Gregson was mentioned in R.M. Vaughan's weekend review of Toronto's art scene in the Globe & Mail. He wrote this about Sandra's recent show at Loop: "Last chance to catch Gregson’s shredded-book wonders – exquisite mobiles, carpets, sculptures and collages made from carefully threaded strips of hapless, grinder-fed books. Best (ab)use of Joyce’s Ulysses ever." Read the complete article here.

Modification, oil on canvas (16x20) by Ian McLean
Ian McLean was featured in the last issue of Hamilton Arts and Letters in an article called Ian McLean: Yards & Muscle Cars by Andrea Rabinovitch. She describes McLean's work as follows:
"Stylistically impressionistic in richly hued colours, the use of the sharply delineated pristine swimming pools in many of the paintings suggest, nature controlled, confined within a very strict order that is considered a status symbol we all subscribe to. Like the Hockney pools of the late sixties, they are used as a compositional tool to describe a place, both real and metaphorically inherent in us hapless humans, but also to consider the nature of water contained." Read the complete article here.

Libby Hague at the AGO
Libby Hague's installation at the AGO was reported in ArtDailyNews and included the following quote from curator Michelle Jacques, the AGO's acting curator of Canadian art. “Libby Hague’s playful, yet foreboding narratives give physical form to fictional worlds that simultaneously mirror and manipulate reality. Sympathetic Connections provides a timely exploration of our problematic relationship with the natural environment, invoking universal themes of responsibility and dependency, vulnerability and rescue, and risk and luck.”

And I published an extract of my conversation with Director and CEO of the AGO, Matthew Teitelbaum, on Fashion Projects. We chatted about art and fashion. The link is here.