Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ian McLean at loop

Scene Selection, oil on canvas (56x72) by Ian McLean 2011
Ian McLean’s Recreational Use opened at loop on July 23, 2011. This exhibition of paintings includes images of residential environments that depict living rooms, backyards, swimming pools, hot tubs, and muscle cars.  McLean is inspired by discrepancies between setting and mood and the use of ornamentation as distraction. Efforts to keep elements of dissolution or entropy at bay are evident in these settings.  The success of such efforts is challenged. There is an emphasis on surface quality as well as a play with colour that is at once hallucinogenic, anxious, impulsive, and seductive.

Land Claim, oil on canvas (66x54) by Ian McLean 2011
Ian McLean was born in Sarnia, Ontario and studied at the University of Guelph. He lives in Bright’s Grove on the shores of Lake Huron with his wife and daughter and is represented in Toronto by Gallery Moos and loop Gallery.
Transcendence, oil on canvas (56x70) by Ian McLean 2011
Ian McLean's show at loop continues until August 14, 2011. To see more of Ian's work, visit his website here