Friday, May 20, 2011

Q&A with Eric Farache and Larry Eisenstein at loop

Question & Answer Session:  Larry Eisenstein and Eric Farache
Facilitated by David Jager and Mark Laliberte
Sunday, May 22, 2011
2-4 PM at loop
LARRY EISENSTEIN is a visual artist obsessed with making marks. He is compulsively driven to exploit line in his work. Eisenstein lives and works in Toronto where he is a sometimes teacher, art director, illustrator and writer.

ERIC FARACHE was born in 1971. He received a MFA from the University of Leeds, is an Alumni of OCAD, and lives and works in Toronto. Trained in classical painting techniques, he has been working in photography for the past 10 years. Eric works in elaborate sketchbooks as part of his artist practice, he has recently returned to painting larger works.  Visit his website at, or his blog at

MARK LALIBERTE is a visual artist, writer, designer and curator with an MFA from the University of Guelph.  He has exhibited and performed extensively in galleries across Canada and the USA, and currently resides in Toronto, where he is the managing editor and designer of Carousel. In early 2010, BRICKBRICKBRICK, a full-length book of visual poems, was released with BookThug. Later in the year, GREY SUPREME 1, a print-based "project platform" initiated by the artist as a way to collect his short-form experiments with image, text and hybrid literary forms, debuted with Koyama Press.  |

DAVID JAGER has been a regular Art writer for NOW magazine for the last seven years. He has also contributed articles and reviews to Canadian Art, including extensive cover profiles on Vancouver painter Ben Reeves and Video artist Kelly Richardson. He has also translated and edited works for the International Journal of Phenomenogical Psychology, and recently edited and translated a new work of cultural history by Professor Van Den Berg on the Two Laws of Thermodynamics. He is currently working on a book of philosophical essays by his father, Professor Bernd Jager, who is professor emiritus of Psychology at the University of Quebec in Montreal.