Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Larry Eisenstein at loop

Larry Eisenstein

loop Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition by loop member Larry Eisenstein entitled Doodactic.

Larry Eisenstein quotes Philip Guston,
"...I think that every real painter wants to be, and his greatest desire is to be a realist, in the sense that you want to make concrete, with your material, with your matter, with your form, how you feel.
...if you eliminated the word abstract, made it illegal, like a penalty, you know, to use the word abstract, nonobjective, nonfigurative, then you'd have to about how different they are. Or else not talk about them but feel the difference."
The Chicago Panel, 1958
"I do not see why the loss of faith in the known image and symbol in our time should be celebrated as a freedom. It is a loss from which we suffer, and this pathos motivates modern painting and poetry at its heart."
Statement in Nature in Abstraction, 1958
The resistance of forms against losing their identities, with, however, their desire to partake of each other, leads finally to a showdown, as they shed their minor relations and confront each other more nakedly. It is almost a state of inertia-these forms, having lived, possess a past, and their poise in the visible present on the picture plane must contain the promise of change. Painting then, for me, is a kind of nagging honesty with no escape from the repetitious tug of war at this intersection.
Statement in New American Painting, 1957-58/1959

Eisenstein is a visual artist obsessed with making marks. He is compulsively driven to exploit line in his work. Eisenstein lives and works in Toronto where he is a sometimes teacher, art director, illustrator and writer.

Larry Eisenstein's work will be at loop until May 22, 2011.