Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lanny Shereck and Yvonne Singer at Loop Gallery

Loop Gallery is pleased to announce exhibitions by loop members Lanny Shereck entitled In Between and Yvonne Singer entitled Gone Missing.

Lanny Shereck’s In Between is a new series started as a search for in between spaces where people don’t tend to look.  These spaces revealed a hidden world of garages, gardens, coach houses, fences and the flotsam of domestic life.  Some of Shereck’s early work dealt with the theme of documenting individuals as they went about their business on the streets of Toronto; this new work is also a bit intrusive and odd. Shereck walks close to private homes, and takes pictures of these less public spaces; often experiencing the same discomfort he did when taking people’s photographs on the street without permission.

Lanny Shereck is an artist and art teacher working in acrylic and oil paint and photographic collage to create images of urban life.  Shereck has been a member of Loop for three years and is represented by The Fran Hill Gallery in Toronto. Shereck has been an art educator for 30 years.

Yvonne Singer's exhibition Gone Missing is an installation consisting of two elements; a series of neon sentences and a video travelogue with images from Paris, Venice, Berlin and London.

Through a series of sentence fragments produced in neon, and the flashing images of travel, Gone Missing suggests narratives of memory, loss and longing. The words produced in neon and the impressionistic wordless images of travel express the ephemeral and fragmented nature of memory. They allude to clues to an unrevealed mystery about personal identity. The use of neon to represent conversational language reflects Singer's interest in language and subjectivity.  There is an inherent tension between the iconic postcard travel images, the familiarity of the neon sign as the language of advertising and the private thoughts suggested in Gone Missing.

Yvonne Singer is a practicing artist with an active national and international exhibition record.  Professor Singer is tenured faculty in the Department of Visual Arts, York University and was Graduate Program Director in Visual Arts from 2003-2009. She is currently on sabbatical.

Please join the artists in celebrating the opening reception on Thursday, April 22nd from 6-8 pm.  Yvonne Singer will be present on Saturday, April 24th from 2 – 5 pm.   Lanny Shereck and Yvonne Singer will speak about their work in a Question and Answer Session on Saturday, May 8th at 3pm.