Friday, April 23, 2010

Gone Missing by Yvonne Singer

Gone Missing is an installation by Yvonne Singer which consists of two elements; a series of neon sentences and a video travelogue with images from Paris, Venice, Berlin and London.

Through a series of sentence fragments produced in neon, and the flashing images of travel, Gone Missing suggests narratives of memory, loss and longing. The words produced in neon and the impressionistic wordless images of travel express the ephemeral and fragmented nature of memory. They allude to clues to an unrevealed mystery about personal identity. The use of neon to represent conversational language reflects Singer's interest in language and subjectivity. Together with the rapidly flashing images of travel, these two elements of the installation investigate the construction of memory and place. There is an inherent tension between the iconic postcard travel images, the familiarity of the neon sign as the language of advertising and the private thoughts suggested in Gone Missing.

Yvonne Singer is a practicing artist with an active national and international exhibition record. Her installation works employ multimedia techniques, often with cryptic texts to articulate cultural issues of disjuncture and perception. She is particularly interested in the intersection of public and private histories.  Exhibitions include sometimes I like a happy ending; sometimes I like a sad ending (Kiwi Sculpture Garden, Perth Ontario) random objects:random thoughts (Akau gallery, Toronto), Signs of Life; an intimate portrait of someone I don't know (Loop Gallery, Toronto), The Trouble with Translation (tour - Germany, France, Canada), Alphabets (Stewart Hall, Montreal), Crossroad (Visual Art Centre, Clarington), Staging Memory (Montreal Holocaust Centre), The Veiled Room (ACC Galerie, Weimar, Germany), Images of Girlhood (McCord Museum, Montreal). She has received several public art commissions and her work is found in many private collections. She has served on the boards of the Koffler centre for the Arts, Toronto Arts Council and C Magazine.

Professor Singer is tenured faculty in the Department of Visual Arts, York University and was Graduate Program Director in Visual Arts from 2003-2009. She is currently on sabbatical.

Please join the artist tomorrow Saturday, April 24th from 2-5pm at Loop Gallery.

Yvonne Singer will also speak about her work during a Question and Answer Session facilitated by Bill Huffman at Loop Gallery on Saturday May 8th at 3pm.

This exhibition will continue at Loop Gallery until May 16, 2010.