Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gary Michael Dault Reviews the Current Show at Loop Gallery

Art critic Gary Michael Dault has written a review in today's Globe and Mail Newspaper of the current show of Mary Catherine Newcomb's and Mark Adair's work at LOOP Gallery. His review is called "A bunny with a chemical scent and a hint of myth" and can be read here.

Of Mary Catherine's Newcomb's hand sculpted rabbit, Dault says "Stretched out on its bed of crushed stone, Newcomb's chocolaty rabbit looks like a victim - like a creature sacrificed, as both primitive rituals and the story of Jesus's death, rebirth and scension would have it,  in order to bring about the re-emergence of new life. In Newcomb's skillful hands, it's no distance at all from the low comedy of her mucking about in an animal feed bin to the generation of myth. Her bunny may be made of ignoble stuff, but it has about it an aura of sanctity."

Dault also offers high praise to Mark Adair's work calling them "brilliantly spooky" and comparing his "tiny, astonishingly detailed charcoal drawings" to Hans Holbein's Dance of Death woodcuts from 1538.

The exhibition by Mary Catherine Newcomb and Mark Adair continues at Loop Gallery until Sunday, April 18, 2010.