Monday, March 4, 2013


Loop Gallery member Sandra Smirle and former member Yvonne Singer were selected to participate in this year's edition of Art Souterrain in Montréal.

Opening as part of:

In this fifth edition year, Art Souterrain is bringing together artworks under the common theme of Labyrinth. The exhibited works explore the serpentine complexity of a passage, whether composed of a single winding pathway or replete with intersections, dead ends and wrong turns intended to confuse or impede those who dare to enter. The theme hints not only at the filligreed course of the subterranean city, but also at the intricacies of the art world itself – most particularly the contemporary art world, where it is so easy to get lost.
There are more than 120 projects from local, national and international contemporary artists, spread across 14 zones of Montreal’s underground, over a network of 7 km. Art Souterrain's invited city for 2013 is Barcelona. 
The show runs until March 17th and is offering both free guided tours and a free downloadable audio guide made available through the iPhone.


Sandra Smirle, 
Sous-Bois, laser cut birch plywood. 30" x 30', 2013 

Sous-bois explores geographies of otherness by transforming maps and aerial images into laser-cut drawings. A labyrinth is not always a series of alternate paths and dead ends; it may consist of a single path winding towards the centre and out again. In a world of pervasive monitoring, where choices are limited and influenced by the awareness of surveillance, one may find one’s way into the “sous-bois” - on a journey originating in an urban maze of ceaseless scrutiny and winding towards the centre of an obscure underground labyrinth.

Sandra Smirle is a mixed media artist who uses aerial maps to create laser cut drawings. Her work explores how new technologies impact the way we view our world. Her piece is a survey about seeing and being seen. 
Currently, she is a MFA Candidate at Concordia University in Montréal.



Yvonne Singer,
The Game of Life: 1 step forward, 10 steps backwards, vinyl floor piece, 2013

Inspired by Milton Bradley « The Checkered Game of Life » (1860), the Toronto base artist, Yvonne Singer is proposing for Art Souterrain 2013 her interpretation of the theme of labyrinth, the idea of life and politics as a board game that are filled with obstacles we have to navigate. The Game of Life board game is marked with some of the political hotspots/conflicts in the world. The participants will navigate the path on the floor, following instructions to move forward to a safe spot or backwards to a hot spot.

Yvonne Singer is an Associate Professor at York University. Her installation works employ multi-media techniques, often with cryptic texts, to articulate cultural issues of disjuncture and perception. She is particularly interested in the intersection of public and private histories.