Thursday, March 21, 2013

Join loop members LowBeer and Rubinstein for Q&A with moderator Lanny Shereck

Join us for a Q & A with LowBeer, Rubinstein, and moderator Lanny Shereck on SUNDAY March 24 at 2 PM

Jane LowBeer: Seams | Rochelle Rubinstein: SCRAP

Thurs, March 21, 12-5pm. 
Fri, March 22, 12-5pm. 
Sat, March 23, 12-5pm. 
Sun, March 24, 1-4pm.
In her latest body of work, LowBeer borrows scenic views of rolling farmland as seen from her hill-top studio to create abstract images which reference the patterns of fields, the gestures of grass under snow, angled barns, and forest lines. Using a sewing machine to combine off-cuts of both old and new prints and monotypes, the artist has developed collages with textured traces that evoke erased marks, pentimenti and ghostings. LowBeer is a mixed media artist living in downtown Toronto. She trained as a printmaker at Atelier 17 in Paris; monotypes have been her medium of choice for more than a decade. In Toronto, her work can also be found at the Nikola Rukaj Gallery and Open Studio.
SCRAP consists of three distinct parts: an installation of hanging books, and two large-scale wood panels. Its inspiration comes from varied sources, including Aztec codices, Hebrew text, ancient Equadorian pottery designs, the bold graphics of Nancy Spero, and the histories, quirks, and sorrows of Rubinstein’s family. Rubinstein is a Toronto- based printmaker, painter, fabric and book artist, community arts facilitator, and curator of Mon Ton Window Gallery. Her work has been exhibited in such diverse places as Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin; Yeshiva University Museum, New York; Print Triennial, Estonia; and McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton.