Friday, October 5, 2012

RE: ARRANGE @ Harbourfront Centre

Loop members John Abrams and Elizabeth D'Agostino are part of the York Quay - Harbourfront Centre's RE: ARRANGE exhibition. The show is on display until December 23, 2012. 


Michael Abraham, John Abrams, Elizabeth D’Agostino, Vanessa Maltese, Lorna Mills, Luke Painter, Craig Porter, David Trautrimas

Curated by Patrick Macaulay

The title of this exhibition is Re: Arrange but it could have also been called Re: Purpose or Re: Think or even Re: Start, as all of these descriptors aptly portray the creative process of the artist in their studio. Artists spend a lot of time playing around. Not “playing,” playing, but being creatively playful. Trying new materials, switching things up, moving things around, all in search of inspiration and resolve in the artistic process. What happens when something is removed or added could be the answer to making something work. The artistic process is all about experimentation; trying new approaches. This exhibition brings eight artists together who are playful in their artistic practice.

– Patrick Macaulay

Images and artist profiles can be found here