Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last day, SUNDAY October 21

Kelly Cade: My My, There There | Sheryl Dudley: Skirting Damocles
Kelly Cade, 'My My, There There' (2012).
sheryl (1)
Sheryl Dudley, 'Skirting Damocles' (2012).
My My, There There echoes our relationship with the worlds we inhabit – the natural phenomenal world and the manufactured world we create. As the world bends, fragments, pixelates, becoming more and more a place where we are drawn away from ourselves, Kelly Cade looks to the natural world and its resilience and readiness to push its way through, to regenerate, rebalance and calmly assert itself in the midst of all we’re creating.
Skirting Damocles presents a suite of oil paintings on aluminum that position majestic ice giants within the technology for tracking and charting the arctic waters for safer passage. Revisiting images taken during an arctic expedition more than 5 years ago, Sheryl Dudley paints isolated glacial masses onto discarded circuit board sheets. The works on aluminum are shown alongside a collection of intimate watercolours which cast an ironic gaze on arctic tourism.

Sat, Oct 20, 12-5pm and Sun, Oct 21, 1-4pm.