Saturday, January 22, 2011

The new rule of cool: Gobs of colour by R.M. Vaughan

White Tortoise by JJ Lee 2010, Mixed Media Collage on Paper, 22x30
R.M. Vaughan, Globe&Mail arts reviewer, describes the saturated and vivid hues in five of six art exhibitions he viewed in Toronto this week as the "new rule of cool". Receiving a mention in the sidebar for shows in other venues is loop gallery member JJ Lee's show The White Tortoise of Ch'u which opens today. He describes her as a "sensualist collagist extraordinaire". To read the entire column, click here for the link.

Having seen JJ Lee's work up close during the installation of my own work in the front gallery at loop, I concur with R.M. Vaughan. Who needs a seasonal affective disorder lamp when you can bask in the sunny and happy hues of JJ Lee's beautifully collaged illustrations of Fabian Boutilier's book The White Tortoise of Ch'u?

Join us today for the opening reception at loop Gallery from 2-5 pm. JJ Lee and Fabian Boutilier will also be doing readings and answering questions tomorrow January 23rd at 3 pm as well as January 30th, February 6 and 13 at 3 pm.