Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ingrid Mida in Conversation with Lyla Rye

All is Vanity by Ingrid Mida
Digital C-print 2010

There will be a Question and Answer session with Ingrid Mida at Loop Gallery on Saturday, January 29th, 2011 at 3 pm. She will speak about her series All is Vanity which is currently on display at Loop as well as answer questions from the audience and moderator Lyla Rye.

Ingrid Mida discovered photography at age 10 and thereafter spent many hours in the darkroom with her father and older brother. Initially pursuing studies in architecture, she graduated with a BA (Economics) as well as a masters degree from the University of Waterloo (1985). She had a career in finance and publishing before going back to her true passions as an artist. She obtained a Fine Arts Diploma from the Toronto School of Art and also completed the Independent Studies Program there.

Ingrid has exhibited her work in Toronto galleries since 2003. Embracing a variety of mediums including drawing, sculpture, installation and photography in her practice, her work explores the intersection of fashion, art and life. Ingrid also works part-time as an assistant to a curator of fashion and textiles and is author of the widely read blog Fashion is my muse!

Lyla Rye is an installation artist who received a BFA from York University in 1989 and a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1994. She has exhibited nationally & internationally in video festivals and screenings, art galleries, museums and off-site venues including a bathroom, an elevator, a women's prison, warehouse basements and storefront windows. She recently created a permanent installation as part of Harbourfront’s Artist Garden Series in Toronto. She teaches at Sheridan College, University of Toronto at Mississauga and OCAD University, and was the founding co-ordinator of the Independent Studio Program at the Toronto School of Art. Lyla was Ingrid's advisor during her time in the ISP program at TSA.