Saturday, March 12, 2016

Don't Miss New Works by loop Gallery Artists' Tara Cooper and Richard Sewell.

Tara Cooper
Contre Vents et Marées

February 27th - March 20th, 2016 
Reception: Saturday, February 27th, 2-5 p.m.

loop Gallery is pleased to announce Contre Vents et Marées, a new exhibition by Tara Cooper.
This exhibition takes cues from Sir Francis Beaufort, the inventor of the Beaufort wind scale. Invented primarily for the Royal Navy in 1807, the 13-point scale remains a standard for estimating the force of winds through visual observations recorded at sea and on land. The exhibition’s title Contre Vents et Marées is a meteorological idiom; its English translation against winds and tides is understood in French as the ability to continue despite obstacles. Constructed as a series of floating platforms, the exhibition combines print, ceramics, sculpture and meteorological instruments that tell us how the winds are blowing. 
Tara Cooper draws from meteorology and creative non-fiction, resulting in projects housed under the moniker Weather Girl. She received her MFA from Cornell University, specializing in the disciplines of print, short film and installation. Recent accomplishments include residencies at Anderson Ranch Art Center, The Wassaic Project and Landfall Trust, as well as arts council grants from Ontario and Canada. Her exhibition record spans more than a decade, covering local, national and international venues. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo. This exhibition was made in collaboration with her partner (and husband) Terry O’Neill. 
Image:  Contre Vents et Marées (against winds and tides), sewn banner with screenprint, 8’ x 3’, 2015. 

Richard Sewell

February 27th - March 20th, 2016  
Reception: Saturday, February 27th, 2-5 p.m.

 loop Gallery is pleased to announce compression, a new exhibition by Richard Sewell.
Then. A long time ago, wHer between eolith and artefact, near geoglyph: Local, one observant, located toward > image. Their nascent: locale, one, object and surface, sequenced about ensemble- about a curious notation toward > preference.Now. Current, wHer ensemble occurs: locale, one, object, surface- a worded notation, humanly a-sequence, about-curiously needing-allowing- one, two: Too < use > image. Here curiosities! wHer locations, observations, sequences, local- ensemble, move one: toward > encouragements; < away from cautions. 
Richard Sewell co-founded Open Studio in 1970; continued as artist, printmaker, publisher, and collaborator in: dance, music, and performance; taught with several Canadian colleges and universities; retired professor emeritus from Sheridan College in 2008.  Mr. Sewell exhibited in, staged and/or curated presentations in Canada, the United States, Australia, England, Europe, South Korea, Japan, and recently with KWAG, AGO, Open Studio, and Harbourfront. Now imageologist, Mr. Sewell pursues wHer, geoplasticimage: gpi, and locusethics, a 3-part work/query about one located curiosity called image. Mr. Sewell lives in Grand Bend, Ontario.
Image:  gpi.PALM landscape | portrait
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