Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Loop is Pleased to Present New Works by Gary Clement and Suzanne Nacha

Gary Clement


January 6-24, 2016
Reception: January 9, 
                   2-5 PM

Loop Gallery is pleased to announce NATURE BOY, a new exhibition by Gary Clement.
The paintings and drawings in NATURE BOY record Clement's open and emotional response to the intense and overwhelming beauty of the landscape he encountered in recent trips to the coast of Labrador and the Algonquin Park region. 

The pieces in this show address the wonder and variety of those often remote, always visually striking environments. It is a show of multiple firsts for Clement...a first time using oils, a first landscape show and a first time departing from his natural tendency to urban cynicism in favour of giving himself over entirely to an immersive and near mystical experience of nature.

Gary Clement has been the editorial cartoonist for the National Post since 1998.  His work has been published in the New York Times, The Guardian and the Wall Street Journal.
He is also a writer and illustrator of children's books and is a three time nominee for the Govenor General's Award for Illustration. He won the award in 1999 for his book, The Great 

This is his eighth show at Loop.

Image: Lake of Bays, August 21, 8:50 PM, oil on canvas, 2015

Suzanne Nacha


January 6-24, 2016
Reception: January 9, 
                    2-5 PM

Miners-logic is an exhibition of new paintings by Toronto artist, Suzanne Nacha.  In an effort to depict our human relationship to the earth- our position upon it and our overwhelming lack of understanding beyond it- Nacha turns to the logic of material structures in creating this new body of work.

Equally absurd and solemn, the paintings reflect on our position in the world by setting up formal relationships between space and object, light and shadow, and in creating a narrative that unfolds as much as through what is seen as what is not. Material piles begin to take on anthropomorphic form, occupyig a landscape seemingly empty and timeless.  But these are not the sort of narratives that offer any resolve. Their empty spaces and exaggerated shadows convey a sense of potential rather than assertion and time here is not linear but cyclic.  The result is a narrative that does not offer up answers but rather a range of experience that spans silent contemplation at one end and a sense of unease at the other.

Suzanne Nacha is an artist working in painting, sculpture , and video.  Her work is imbued with a visual language enriched by her experience mapping the far-reaches of Canada, creating geologic maps that span the earth's continents and the study of structural geology.  She has exhibited in Canada, the United States and Europe and is represented in public and private collections, including the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, The National Bank of Canada, The Donavan Collection and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. Born in Hamilton Ontario, she holds a degree in both Fine Art and Geology.  She has taught in the Fine Art Departments of OCAD, Sheridan/UTM and York University, and for the past fifteen years has worked in the mining industry mapping geographies of fortune and need.

Image: under a billion suns, 2015, oil on panel. 19" x 24.5"