Monday, February 2, 2015

Maybe it’s the minus15 degree temperature that has me thinking about hot houses, but if you have ever walked through botanical gardens with interconnected glass and iron ribbed structures like the ones in Glasgow, you’ll know that as you move from room to room,  you move from one climate to another.

Where am I going with this? Lanny Shereck has a show on at Queen Specific, Dufflet’s window gallery. He has stacked a series of small paintings and  attached them to a narrow  board so they are interconnected like rooms. It reads like a schematic diagram of the aforementioned greenhouses, except that we are looking at paintings of artists working in their studios. Within the intense studio clutter, we see that exotic specimen - the artist - almost camouflaged as he or she works in the unique microclimate of his or her own making - the habitat essential ( sorry can’t resist this ) for the flowering of their  creations. 

“Studio Visits” is on until March 3
Lanny Shereck and Libby Hague are 2 of the 30 plus  members of the  Loop collective in Toronto.