Wednesday, June 25, 2014

more more slide show

A friend asked me if I am the curator of the slide show but the answer is no, it's better than that - everyone is the curator.  The situation is a bit skewed because right now I seem to the only one  putting up picks on the blog but it doesn't have to be that way. I started because I wanted to go through the carousels and then I thought it would be nice to put up  at least an image of every participant, something I haven't managed to do yet.

One great thing about the slide show is that Loop and the participating artists have set up a framework for viewing work that encourages everyone who comes into the gallery to surprise themselves and look at work by popping in a slide carousel.  They can see images large or small, or large and then small, they can see it beside another image or several other images. If  another viewer comes in and does the same, both have to navigate the unexpectedness of another person's selections  in  the mix.

Some of the carousels reads well sequentially; some not so well.  You won't know what you are going to find  but it's predictably and pleasurably human to seek out correspondences.

If you take pictures and want them shared this way you can email them to the gallery and someone will post them to the blog or you can post them to our Facebook page.
Stephanie Shepherd
Elizabeth Babyn and Stephanie Shepherd
Elizabeth Babyn and Stephanie Shepherd
 Stephanie Shepherd and Kyle Herranen
Elizabeth Babyn  and Kyle Herranen
 Moira  Clark and Don Allain

Moira  Clark and Don Allain
Greg Sibley and Shauna Jean Doherty, and Callan Field