Thursday, April 17, 2014

Last Chance to see the current shows at loop

Yael Brotman: Scaffolding | Martha Eleen: My Space

Trestle Brotman
Yael Brotman, "Trestle", etching on Kurotani and Taiwanese papers, foamcore, acrylic, adhesive 22”H x 30” W x 18”D, 2013
Eleen Untitled(My Space)
Martha Eleen, "Felt", oil on wood, 20" x 20", 2014
Thurs, April 17, 12-5pm. 
Fri, April 18, 12-5pm. 
Sat, April 19, 12-5pm. 
Sun, April 20, 1-4pm.

Yael Brotman - "Scaffolding"

The print sculptures in Yael Brotman’s current body of work look at publicly accessible structures such as bridges, boardwalks, and piers. The artist uses these mediating loci to examine the parameters of our social contract with nature. She says, ‘the water under the bridge or at the end of the boardwalk may be menacing at times. These structures act as conduits over challenging terrain while also protecting fragile shorelines from damaging footfalls.’
Brotman is a print-based artist also engaged in drawing and sculpture. her print sculptures have been included in exhibitions at Lehman College Gallery, New York, Edinburgh Printmakers, International Print Centre New York, and in a solo at Harcourt House, Edmonton. She sits on the board of CARFAC and teaches at the University of Toronto Scarborough.
The artist gratefully acknowledges the support of the Toronto Arts Council.

Martha Eleen - "My Space"

In Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience, geographer Yi-Fu Tuan contends that a space requires a movement from a place to another place. Similarly, a place requires a space to be a place. Hence, the two notions are co-dependent.
My Space is a series of paintings about the space between the artist’s skin and the outside world.
The artist gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and The Ontario Arts Council
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