Thursday, December 26, 2013

Last Chance to see Gary Clement and Lynn Cambell's loop exhibit!

J. Lynn Campbell
Temporal Matter

Final Days: December 26th – 29th, 2013               


Starting with modified digital imagery printed on archival paper, Campbell overlays two-dimensional surfaces with drawing and hand sewing. The object(s) of interest are organic structures and diverse life forms – characteristic bodily forms of mature organisms, of which the human body is one such entity. All life forms are part of a complex interconnected system which is shaped and limited by time. Temporal Matter encapsulates the spatial and temporal boundaries within which physical objects exist, transform, and dissipate. With consideration to the real, the symbolic, and the abstract, Campbell’s composite imagery queries our consequential proximity to the shifting realities of that which is temporary.

Campbell is a Toronto-based artist who trained at the Ontario College of Art & Design, with independent studies in France, Open Studio Toronto, Humanities at the University of Toronto, and Philosophy at York University. Her practice extends from two-dimensional collage to three-dimensional construction and site-specific installation. She has exhibited in Canada and abroad at galleries in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Italy, and Germany. Campbell was a member of Workscene Gallery and Artists Co-operative, Broadview Collective (BVW), The Red Head Gallery, The Tree Museum Collective, Toronto/Muskoka, and is currently a member of loop Gallery. Her work is included in private, public, and corporate collections.

Gary Clement
Paintings for Modern Homo Sapiens

Final Days: December 26th – 29th, 2013                

In his latest show, Clement presents an overview of human activity from the dawn of history to the space race and beyond, albeit omitting almost everything in between. This show marks a new direction in Clement’s work, as it is entirely a show of acrylic paintings on birch panels.

Viewers, however, can expect to see work that addresses the same wide range of influences, themes and interests that have always been a feature of a Gary Clement art exhibition. Olympic diving, zero gravity, acid reflux, 19th century Russian literature, Lepidoptera, and life on other planets are a few of the issues that are considered this time around.

Gary Clement has been the political cartoonist for the National Post since its inception. His cartoons have also appeared in the New York Times, The Guardian and The Miami Herald. As an illustrator, his work has appeared in magazines and newspapers across North America. He is also a children’s writer and illustrator and is a three-time nominee for the Governor General’s Award for Illustration, most recently for the 2013 book ‘Oy. Feh. So?’ written by Cary Fagan. He won the award in 1999 for his own book ‘The Great Poochini’.

This is his 9th show at loop. He is represented in Toronto by loop Gallery and by Parts gallery.