Friday, January 4, 2013


January 23 - 27, imm Living & loop Gallery present:

Not Forkchops logo_1_web
With a successful debut show during the 2012 Design Week, imm Living’s Not Forkchops is back! Not Forkchops encompasses the idea that we live in a country where worlds have collided, cultures of all kinds have merged, borrowing ideas from one, and adapting from another. Not Forkchops will give Canadian artists and designers the opportunity to showcase how the idea of cultural adaptation and adoption has influenced the work they produce, in a way that is elegant, contemporary and unique.
Unlike many other shows, where the attendees are simply there to observe, Not Forkchops will require the active participation of the individuals in attendance. They hold the fate of the designers in their hands. Each designer will be appointed a specific colour sticky note. Voters will get to place their favourite designer's coloured sticky note on a blank wall, creating a dynamic, ever changing piece within the space. The designer with the most votes will have the opportunity to collaborate with imm Living and work on a project that may see their product(s) sold on a global scale. Stop in and place your vote!
Designers: Rob Southcott, Maiwenn Costallan, Alexx Boisjoli, Zoe Mowat, Kristen Lim Tung, Jessica Nakanishi, Connie Tong, Lana Filiponne