Friday, December 23, 2011

A Loop

I made a Loop. I'm posting it here and I challenge every Looper to make a loop too, and post it, unless of course people feel it interferes with whatever this webpage that Ingrid pours so much time and care into, is supposed to be doing. I don't want to mess with peoples show announcements.

Maybe we can pick a day to hold an online auction of these 'loops', sell them here, make it a fund raiser. We should pick an auspicious date, like on an eclipse. A day when our art will blot out banal culture for an hour, OK, maybe for a few seconds. I think every piece should be sold, must be sold, so anything should go as far as price is concerned. Make sure you can accept it selling for 1 cent! That's all I'd bid for an Eric Farache.

All the work not sold at the online auction should get tied into one big loopy note and hung from our Loop sign until the winter kills it and then we ceremoniously burn what's left of the big loop in the alley. We can do it in an oil drum and warm our hands and shuffle about as the work combusts and we pass a little paper bagged sacrament around. Our art loving Loop supporters must save the art from death and dismemberment, which is no big loss anyways really, after all, let's face it, there's just way too much inventory out there as it is.