Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Installation Shots: Sandra Smirle

Documented by Brian Burnett.

Like/Unlike and other circular decisions continues Smirle’s exploration of randomly selected locations, translated from aerial maps into large-scale cut drawings.
As we settle into a digitally networked world of unrestrained surveillance, allegiances are cast and recast with spontaneity and abandon. Just as we effortlessly ‘like’ and ‘unlike’ in social media, so too can the information come too fast for us to make decisions about the real or figurative direction of our lives.
Here the viewer is confronted by two maps: one like, and the other unlike, wherever it is — or was. Or perhaps they are one and the same place: a Rorschach ink blot, a kaleidoscope view of origin, destination and sentiment projected in shadow play. Maybe that’s where it’s going anyway, again, however the vote is cast.
Translated as ones and zeros, decision-making becomes easy — accessible and artless. Movements are instantaneous, if not without consequences.
The show continues until April 10, 2011 at Loop Gallery.