Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gary Clement and Thelma Rosner at Loop

Moon Base Alpha by Gary Clement 2011
Even before the opening of Gary Clement's and Thelma Rosner's shows at loop Gallery today, their work has attracted reviewer's attention.

The Globe & Mail newspaper's reviewer R.M. Vaughan says "Clement's madcap, itchy drawings about 'dark matter' and Rosner's liturgy-and-politics-informed paintings about the Israel-Palestine conflict appear to be an odd match - but both artists are seeking manageable answers to impossible questions." (Globe and Mail, The Exhibitionist by R.M. Vaughan, Saturday, February 19, 2011, Globe Arts page R14)

The National Post featured an interview of Clement about cartoons and creativity in yesterday's paper. Written by the Post's Barry Hertz, the interview reveals that Clement "did maybe 400 drawings initially, then got it down to 150 for the second cut, and from that edited it down to 42. They all had to be ink on paper or ink and collage on paper." The full text can be read here.

Join Gary Clement and Thelma Rosner at loop Gallery this afternoon from 2-5 pm to celebrate their opening.

loop Gallery is located at 1273 Dundas Street West at Dovercourt.