Thursday, August 5, 2010

Question and Answer Session with Eric Farache

Loop Gallery is hosting a Question & Answer session with Eric Farache moderated by David Jager on Saturday, August 7th at 3pm.

Eric Farache's's exhibition of large format photography at loop Gallery, titled Manifest Dream, is an investigation into the convergence of time, image and memory through richly layered multiple exposures. Farache works with layered images all created in-camera, not digitally. Through exposures, reference points are created and strung together, creating a whole new reference point based on a very personal visual language.

Throughout Farache's practice, his work has consistently focused on the passage of time - capturing moments in history as well as place. Eric is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design (1994) in Fine Art and the University of Leeds where he earned his Masters in Fine Arts (2000). He often expresses his ideas in photography, sometimes utilizing the cheap and sensationalistic Holga camera.

David Jager has been a regular Art writer for NOW magazine for the last six years. He has also contributed articles and reviews to Canadian Art, including extensive cover profiles on Vancouver painter Ben Reeves and Video artist Kelly Richardson. He has also translated and edited works for the International Journal of Phenomenogical Psychology, and recently edited and translated a new work of cultural history by Professor Van Den Berg on the Two Laws of Thermodynamics. He is currently working on a book of philosophical essays by his father, Professor Bernd Jager, who is professor emiritus of Psychology at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

Eric Farache's Manifest Dream & Isabelle Hémard's Fuzzy, Furry and Cloudy exhibitions at loop Gallery run until Sunday August 8th.