Sunday, June 6, 2010

R.M. Vaughan of the Globe and Mail reviews Libby Hague at Loop

In his weekly column The Exhibitionist, R.M. Vaughan of the Globe and Mail newspaper wrote a delightfully upbeat review of Libby Hague's current exhibition at Loop Gallery.

"Stretching her flora and fauna from ceiling to floor, Hague has created a deliciously tilted world, a cascade of curly, printed paper flowers, nursery-hued dollops and pools, dainty tinsel sprouts, bendy shapes that resemble fat orchid roots, and a miniature archipelago inhabited by surreal plant forms and organic mis-shapes. Unafraid to be pretty and (methodically) messy at the same time, Safety Net is the boldest example yet of this experiment-driven artist's determination to set printmaking free, let it out of the frame."

To read R.M. Vaughan's  full review, click here.

Libby Hague's exhibition Safety Net continues at Loop Gallery until Sunday, June 13, 2010. 

Today at 3 pm, Loop Gallery presents Libby Hague and Rochelle Rubinstein in a Question and Answer session moderated by Pat Macaulay.