Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ingrid Mida at LA Design

My sculpture What Lies Beneath is currently in the windows of LA Design at 788 King Street West.

What Lies Beneath is a sculpture that presents the viewer with the opportunity to see the undergarments worn by an 18th century woman. This substructure of chemise, corset and panier would have been worn under a silk or brocade gown. By creating these garments in mosquito mesh,  I am adding an allusion to the protective barrier that such garments created around the wearer. (And coming from Canada, where mosquitos are prevalent, there is a tongue in cheek Canadian reference!) Spanning nearly four feet across, the panier made it awkward to move or sit. Plus one could not possibly get dressed without assistance which I learned when I tried the ensemble on to photograph myself wearing it (which is another story altogether!).

Also on display at LA Design are my paper corset series as well as several works from my textile series Revolutionary Fashion.

Ingrid Mida at LA Design
788 King Street West, Toronto
King just west of Bathurst on the north side (under Art Metropole)