Friday, January 29, 2010

LOOP Gallery Presents Sung Ja Kim and Jane LowBeer

Sung Ja Kim and Jane LowBeer invite you to attend the opening of their shows at LOOP Gallery tomorrow Saturday, January 30, 2010 from 2 - 5 pm.

Sung Ja Kim's exhibition Nest communicates the idea of being sheltered from the inevitable storms of life through a growing spiritual awareness.

Nest incorporates multi-imaged works of specially constructed cocoons, encapsulate the central dimensions of our life experiences. Another work in the exhibition uses nests as an artistic metaphor for being spiritually sheltered from the elemental forces of life that are completely beyond our control. Kim emphasizes borrowed imagery from the natural world by using materials in their natural states.

Sung Ja Kim was born near Seoul, South Korea.  She studied classical oriental visual art at Chu Gyo Art University in Seoul and worked as an animator. Following a number of successful group and solo exhibitions in Seoul, Sung Ja came to Canada. She is a graduate of the Fine Arts Program at OCAD. Nest is Sung Ja's fifth exhibition at Loop Gallery.

In Jane LowBeer's Light on Little Things we see a glimpse of day-to-day living; the toothpaste tube, sink plug, push pins and nail brushes. These household items, ubiquitous and accessible are the models for her art work.

Light on Little Things consists of three components; each group with a different relationship to the same objects. In the monotype series "Hands and Objects", each print depicts a single object held or touched by a hand. In the monotypes "Inventory" objects are all lined up but without reference to ground, cut loose with no shelf or tabletop to hold them. Finally, a series of small paintings of toothpaste tubes; the tubes bend and used, each in their own personnel setting in the manner of traditional still life. Their contortions can be seen as metaphors for human activity.

Jane LowBeer started her artistic career as a printmaker studying with Stanley Hayler at Atelier 17 in Paris. She has exhibited in New York, Montreal and Europe. Her work can be seen at L'Espace Mexique in Montreal and Open Studio and Nikola Rukai Gallery in Toronto as well as on her website here.

Both shows will run until February 21, 2010.
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